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Telemedicine Doctor Specialist

MyDoc Urgent Care

Board Certified Family Medicine & Emergency Medicine located in Bronx, NY, Brooklyn, NY, East Meadow, NY & Forest Hills, NY, and Little Neck, NY

If you have a chronic illness or develop a fever, a telemedicine doctor can reduce complications, improve your quality of life, and recommend treatments to help you feel better. At MyDoc Urgent Care in New York City, board-certified family medicine physician Nabil Salib, MD, offers telemedicine consultations to people of all ages. To make an appointment, call the office in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Forest Hills, East Meadow, and Little Neck, New York, or click the online scheduling feature today.

Telemedicine Doctor Q & A

What is a telemedicine doctor?

A telemedicine doctor offers appointments and consultations through the phone or the internet.  Thanks to telemedicine, you can meet with Dr. Salib no matter where you're located and receive treatment for injuries or illnesses.

Telemedicine is quick, convenient, and covered by most types of health insurance. It can save you time, prevent you from sitting in traffic, or risk exposure to others who might be sick.  

What services does a telemedicine doctor provide?

At MyDoc Urgent Care, Dr. Salib offers various services over telemedicine, including:

  • Diagnosis of acute illnesses
  • Management of chronic illnesses
  • Review of laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging
  • Post-surgery follow-ups
  • Prescription refills
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Health counseling and advice


You can also meet with a telemedicine doctor like Dr. Salib to ask questions about unusual symptoms or discuss concerns about your health. 

What are the benefits of meeting with a telemedicine doctor?

Meeting with a telemedicine doctor offers various benefits. For one, it allows you to meet with Dr. Salib from the comfort of home. If you have children or an elderly family member who requires round-the-clock care, you don’t have to worry about finding someone to cover while you’re away. 

Furthermore, telemedicine appointments can tailor to your schedule. Dr. Salib offers consultations throughout the day, so you can meet with him when it’s most convenient. If you require more personalized care, Dr. Salib can refer you to a medical specialist in the area.

What can I expect at an appointment with a telemedicine doctor?

At MyDoc Urgent Care, Dr. Salib tailors telemedicine appointments to each individual’s needs. 

First, he asks about the reason for your visit. Since he’s unable to perform a physical exam over the phone or computer, Dr. Salib asks about your symptoms and lifestyle. He might also ask you to point your camera at specific parts of your body, like your mouth if you have a sore throat or your abdomen if you’re bloated.

If necessary, Dr. Salib might also order lab tests, like blood work or urinalysis. You visit MyDoc Urgent Care in person or a laboratory facility near your home to complete these tests.

After gathering enough information, Dr. Salib makes a diagnosis and develops a custom treatment plan to help you feel better.  

Partner with a telemedicine doctor if you want to save time and receive all-inclusive medical care. To make an appointment at MyDoc Urgent Care, call the nearest office or click the online booking feature today.